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Organic Gardening ImageI am very passionate about the Environment and have recycled for years.

Two years ago I volunteered to do some part time work for “Waste Wise” – a company contracted to the city of Cape Town to run educational programs for children regarding Waste – Recycling, Blue Flag Beach education and workshops making crafts from Recycled materials.

Waste Wise also sent me on an Organic Veggie gardening course with an NGO called Soil for Life and I suddenly realised how close to my way of thinking this was…. Working in and with the Environment to create fresh organic food!!!

I then started to give Organic Veggie Garden lessons to people in previously disadvantaged areas in the Helderberg.

The important lesson with this course is that it should cost virtually no money and it is not necessary to have a big space to grow Veggies. Compost can be made with kitchen waste and veggie cuttings from supermarket or green grocers. Containers to plant in (eg tyres,) can be found on dump sights and students must use their initiative and enthusiasm to create their own beautiful gardens and produce Organic food for themselves and their families.

The lessons are for absolute beginners and start right from a seed box planting to harvesting seeds. I found ½ day practical workshops work the best.

Importantly the course is 100% Organic, so not harmful pesticides or fertiliser are used, everything is Organic.

Organic Gardening ImageI have taught 7 different groups of people from various areas like Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, Strand and Somerset West.

Some were independent groups and others were organisations like Silver Oaks Lodge retirement home in SW and Boys/Girls Town Macassar.

Some have won prizes in the SFL competition, others have learned that waste can be turned into valuable food for their soil, but the most importantly, many of them have produced wonderful Veggies for themselves and their families.

I really love teaching Organic Veggie Gardening and helping people achieve their own Veggie producing gardens.

For information on my courses, please contact me via e-mail.