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"My greatest passions are Health, Wellness, the Environment and Travel . . . ."

Organic Gardening ImageAfter school, I did many uninteresting jobs, until I landed a position as a Sales Representative for a Dutch Pharmaceutical company.

For 10 years I promoted a range of their products – male and female Hormones, Contraceptives, Corticoid Steroids, Anabolic Steroids and Anti-Depressants; to - General Practitioners, Gynaecologists, Physicians, Psychiatrists and Orthopaedic doctors.

They were fascinating products and tweaked my interest in Anatomy and Physiology. For 5 more years I sold capital equipment and learned all about Bone Density & Mammography and another range of Hormone Therapy products.

Having learned so much about the human body and how it should work to prevent illness, I wanted to practice a modality that worked towards Health & Wellness. Harnessing that natural healing ability our body’s possess and avoid the use of chemical drugs.

It was when I, myself had a painful back & ended up seeing a Dr Ulrich Meggersee – in Cape Town - that I was blown away by how effective his treatment was!!!

I enrolled and studied the “Direct Pressure Point Technique”.

I also believed in the wonders of Massage, and also did an Aromatherapy Massage course.

I opened a little practice and used ‘DPPT” and Massage – first separately and then combining the two.

Using both these techniques is an advantage because they can be used separately in certain instances or together in some cases, often speeding up the healing and recovery process.

It’s rather thrilling to be able to help someone by just guiding their body to find its own healing ability and restore itself to wellness.

My other great passion is the environment and I am very aware of the effect humans are having on our planet. I try to tread lightly on Mother Earth – doing Environmental education in my spare time – teaching children the importance of recycling.

I also give garden lessons to people in disadvantaged areas – showing them the advantages of organic vegetable gardening – good healthy foods as well as its benefits to the environment. (Refer to Organic Gardening page).